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Fine Art Gallery

Meditate, Create with Jeff Wigman

Saturday, January 20th  9:30 am - 1:00 pm

$30 limited spaces available

 Register by January 18th





Join us for this half-day workshop to explore how creativity arises and look into some of the familiar ways in which it becomes blocked. The heart of this exploration is a simple and powerful meditation that allows us to see our mind's movement clearly and relate to our senses directly. As we relate to our experience in this way, we find that our mind is naturally strong and resourceful. We discover that we can drop our preconceptions and go beyond hesitation.


Maybe you feel like you were never the creative type or that you once were but lost touch. Maybe you feel like the well is dry, or maybe you're frozen in the face of vast possibilities and don't know what to do next. We'll look at ways to make a fresh start whenever it's needed. This workshop will include in-depth meditation instruction and simple exercises to bridge the gap between sitting meditation and creative discipline. No prior experience is necessary.


Jeff Wigman is a Capital Region meditation instructor and has taught in New York City, and Taipei. He began meditating in 1996, teaching since 2003. Jeff taught meditation at Otisville Federal Correctional Institution and the Capital District Psychiatric Center and recently led mindfulness meditation retreats for the Spirituality Center at Sage Colleges. He also paints.


Scarlet Seven Gallery is located at

137 4th Street in Downtown Troy, NY.

For additional information, call (518) 312-1564 or email scarletsevengallery@gmail.com


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